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Chocolate TLC

Chocolate is a delicate ingredient.  Leave it in the sun...melts.  Put it in the fridge...tastes like last night's salmon dinner.  So how we take care of this most special treat:

Candies which include chocolate like to be stored at a cool, room temperature ideally between 65-70°.  Does it spell disaster if you are a little cooler or warmer, no.  But it wouldn't be your chocolate's preference.  

Of course if it gets to hot you have a melted mess on your hands.  Chocolate can begin to get soft at around 85° and will melt at around 93° which is of course why chocolate will melt in your hand.  Milk chocolate will typically melt quicker than darker chocolates.  So to get your chocolate candies home safely first keep it out of the sun!  Chocolates hate the sun!  It can be a mild 70° outside and then put your box of chocolates in the sun and it will melt.  So, keep it in the shade.  (This is partly why we package our Seafoam Candy in a box rather than a clear bag, it helps keep the sun off of it and the heat away.)  Also, don't leave your goodies in a hot car with all the windows rolled up.  We have actually tested this and surprisingly our candy did a little better than suspected.  It handled our lunch downtown just fine. However, sitting in the car during a 3 hour movie = not such a good result.  So park in the shade.  Maybe even cover it with a blanket which will actually help insulate it. 

So to be safe then at home put it in the fridge right?  Well, not really.  Though you can refrigerate chocolates there are a couple things to consider.  First, your fridge is humid.  That humidity can make your chocolate turn a funky white color.  Also, chocolates take on other flavors and smells very easily.  So now you have a chocolate that is a little  funky looking and definitely funky tasting.  So if you have to put it in a fridge make sure it is in a very well sealed container.  Then take it out and bring it to room temp before you eat it so that it will melt well in your mouth and deliver those great flavors.

So how do we solve these complexities?  Well eat it quickly, duh!  Though our candy can last several months in your cupboard, chocolates and candies in general taste better the closest to when they were made.  They are not bottles of wine and don't get better with age.  So yeah, just eat it.  Who said we can't solve some of the world's greatest problems?