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Shipping Chocolate & Candy

Hopefully, you've already read our "Chocolate TLC" page and if so you realize that Chocolate doesn't like heat.  So how do we ship it to you then without it becoming a melted mess?  

You will notice when checking out that you have a couple options.  One option is our Summer Option (think warm weather, some places it is warm all the time....so we've heard here in northern Michigan).  We recommend this during warmer months from May to October here in the north.  However, if your location is above 65° then we recommend this shipping option.  With this option, your candy will be packed in a larger box leaving room for an insulated wrap, stuffing and an ice pack which gives your candy the best chance to beat the heat.  We then ship USPS Priority (1-3) day shipping.  

During colder months or if you want to "risk it" you can choose our other shipping option which is still USPS Priority mail but without the insulation and ice pack.

If you selected "Arrange for Local Pickup" we will contact you by email to arrange for pick up here in Traverse City, MI.  We will give you several options to choose from to get your candy from us.  

Choose wisely.